Saturday, December 25, 2010

Carabiner Hook

Ok so, believe it or not this saved my tail. A simple carabiner hook (mine was free at an event as one of those "love our company! have free stuff" items.)

Right now I am using this nifty little hook as a way to secure dogs in the car. You can hook a large one on the handles on the ceiling, or a small one on the metal bungee cable loops (not all cars have these inside) in the back.  This allows me to open car doors and not worry about the dogs escaping. even if they are technically able to jump out of the trunk, the hook and a strong leash means the dog will be staying by the bumper.

Some come with a lock mechanism so they can be more secure. I currently don't have strong feelings one way or another.  I hope to add pictures of my set up soon.

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