Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Transporter Tools: 2 in 1 Leash and Collar

So, on the Joey trip I learned a very important lesson, one that the boy scouts have been teaching for years: "Always be prepared!"

With Joey, I didn't have a leash or collar (because I assumed he'd have one.), I assumed his file would contain information like whether or not he'd been fed today, and basically, I assumed the best, which isn't always what we get. Also, Joey straight up snapped the metal of the cheap spare leash I had, So I knew something needed to change. What happened with Joey was not anyone's fault, just something we didn't prepare for. His file had updates about feeding, but no dates. So we couldn't be sure that "today" actually meant today and wasn't written a week ago.
The 2 in 1 Leash and Collar.

So, in light of these things, I am making a "transporter kit" which will remain in my car and last night I found the first item at Walmart: The Hatfield 2 in 1 Collar and Leash.
This product is a Collar and Leash which can fit ANY size dog from a teacup chihuahua to an Irish wolfhound. Granted, slip collars claim to do the same thing, however this is not a slip collar (which are often called choke collars for the pressure they apply when the dog pulls on the leash).

This collar features a safety flip lock for easy adjusting. Simply flip the lock open to change the size, then flip it back to secure it in place. I put as much pressure as i could on the straps to see if the lock would slip, and tighten (like if a dog were pulling on the lead) and it would not. Of course, the flip lock allows you to instantly loosen it, so if you have a dog that can pull harder than any human, you have a safe back up plan.
Adjusting Instructions

For me, finding this product was like finding a diamond laying on the street. This allows me to move any dog, regardless of collar, leash, or size and if I find a dog roaming (which has already happened multiple times) I will always have a way to secure them.

As soon as it's used I'll let you know how it goes. The product reviews have given it 5 stars all around and one of the users claims to use it everyday for over a year. If it holds up anywhere close to that I'll be very happy.

Also, soon I'll be making a post about the entire kit and methods for fixing the other problems mentioned, but for now, this is a great start.

UPDATE: Tried out the leash and promptly bought 2 more. Worked like a charm, was secure, strong, gentle and effective.  I felt very secure using it and so did the dog I was walking on it. Easy to put on, easy to secure, Easy to take off. I would absolutely recommend it.

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