Monday, January 10, 2011

Transport Binder

A Transport Binder is your Road Bible.

Things that should be inside:
  • Directions to your most common stops * (See bottom)
  •  Contacts - The names, numbers and addresses of the key figures in the rescue, who you are transporting to, the vet, the shelter, etc
  • A sheet about your Transportees - I made a basic information sheet which asks the dogs name, description (EX: the blonde lab), medications, last time fed, etc
  • Pencil pouch with pens and pencils
  • Small planner (think dollar tree monthly cal.) so I can compare my work and rescue schedules.

* A note about the Directions - I have 4 common stops and directions to every possible combination of them. Ex: Vet → Foster, Shelter → Vet, Shelter → Foster, and all reverse directions, plus directions home from every location. {going a lot of new places? Invest in a GPS}.

The reason for the redundancy in directions is because transports can change in a heart beat. You may be planning to get the dog from the shelter and take them to the foster, but when they are unable to stand up and are shaking, they're going to the vet, and you need to know how to get there.

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