Saturday, August 13, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention - Purse Strap Leash and Belt leash

I probably wouldn't have thought of this, if it wasn't for the varrious dogs in our neighborhood who walk around with collars on. You never know when you'll suddenly need top help someone.

My easiest case was a little poodle boy names Chase, who I first spotted walking down out street, dragging a little blue leash behind him and looking rather lost. He was trotting along cheerfully but with the leash behind him and no one in sight my heart leaped into my throat and I choked out a "Stop!" I sweet talked him until he trotted past me and I just picked up the leash and he was mine! -but he had no tags... Crap. As I stood holding this sweet little boy, who was shaking, nervous about being held by a stranger. Then I noticed a truck, slowly rolling down a nearby street. I heard the man whistling and turned around, holding the poodle. He held a hand to his heard and pulled over. "Chase boy, what are you doing?" Chase looked at me and wagged, perking up to his name. Easiest rescue ever

But they are not all that easy. At one point I was walking to a friends house when a hound walked out in front of me. He was happy to see me but now what.... no collar, and I only had my purse.
A simple Purse strap, like this one, can be a standard leash or a slip lead

I looked at my purse and realized the strap could detach, so I popped it off clipped the clip around the strap and made a slip lead, and thus the purse strap leash was invented. If the dog has a collar you can clip the clip on the D-ring or around the fabric.

A fabric belt, like this one, can make a great leash
Also, you can use a fabric belt as a slip lead or belt leash. Just slip one end through both D rings (as seen above) and it makes a perfect slip lead.  Where there is a will, there is a way and don't let "not coming prepare" be your reason to no step in. You may have everything you need and just not know it.

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