Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How NOT to transport a dog...

This week a woman came up with an interesting way to transport a puppy... by Air mail... in a sealed box... with no Air, food or water.
Here is little "Guess," a schnauzer poodle mix, shortly after his ordeal.

The owner claimed the sound in the box was a toy robot and cautioned them to be very careful with it.

Then the box hopped off the counter. The post office worker opened it up and found "Guess" inside, panting.

Had he made it past the desk, he would have been mailed in the cargo hold of a plane, and would have probably froze to death, had he not been injured, suffocated, dehydrated, or starved first. He was supposed to be a present for a child... kinda traumatizing to open a box full of dead puppy for your birthday.

Around his neck was a make-shift collar with money in it. When confronted about the fact that the puppy could have died, she just rolled her eyes, and left.

She did return, however, to ask for the money she paid to ship the box and the money in the collar. The post office worker did what I would have done, and told the woman to get out.

She will be facing animal cruelty charges and Guess will be getting a new family.

Remember the "ponies need food" rule of transport? Yea they need AIR too....

To read more about this story, Click Here!

Video about the story bellow.

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