Saturday, June 25, 2011

How NOT to transport Cat's

This week we've had to face another horrible example of how not to transport. A couple took on the responsibility of transporting 12 adult cats and 29 kittens and failed miserably by leaving all 41 kitties in the car, windows up, in cardboard carriers, with out food or water, overnight while they slept elsewhere.

Of the 41 Kitties (12A, 29K) 18 of them (4A, 14K)were dead by morning and more have died sense. The remaining ones are dealing with urine burns, dehydration and other health issues.

I wonder if this couple ever thought "I wonder how I would feel if I were jammed in a car with 40 other beings with out food, water, or air for hours on end." Perhaps if they had, I wouldn't be writing this post and instead people could be posting to find new homes for them. Instead, they're gone and the couple will never be allowed to transport again, at least not for anyone who cares for animals at all.

What a waste...

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